headshotI am one of around 3,800,000,000 women living on Planet Earth and one of around 170,000,000 women living in the United States of America. I'm from Pennsylvania, but by next fall I will be one of approximately 20,000 undergraduates at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, where I will be majoring in journalism and most likely minoring in design.

At Kent I will be serving on the May 4 Task Force, helping preserve the all too overlooked memory of the tragedy of May 4, 1970. I will also be in the Provost Leadership Academy, and I'll probably help out with Kent State's branch of the new Students for a Democratic Society while I'm at it.
On other terms, I am a card carrying member of both Club DEVO and the Church of the SubGenius.

I enjoy observing the world through a de-evolutionist lens, blogging, good food, vulgar noise-boxes, and long walks on the beach. I'm fascinated by how humans work, and I write down my observations of the human lifestyle and circumstances on my blog. I make art sometimes. I try to go through life as smoothly as I can with all its obstacles and debacles. It's going O-K so far.

I coded this site all by myself, with self taught skills, internet help, and too much free time.

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