Other than my blog, I can be found lurking in other corners of the internet as well:

I post pretty pictures on Instagram.
I do not like Twitter, but my Tumblr leaks all it's drivel onto there anyway.
Music is my lifeline. I track my listening habits with good ol' last.fm. Feel free to spy.

In addition to Transmissions, I am also co-owner, coder, and researcher for the S.P.U.D.S. Internet Archive, a webpage dedicated to archiving the online presence of art punk group DEVO.
S.P.U.D.S. was my first serious rodeo with web design and HTML.

places of interest.

Learn more about May 4, 1970 here and here.
Trace DEVO's history around northeast Ohio here.

I know some people who make some pretty good music.

I have created artwork for Zhir Vengersky from California and BITRMAN from New Zealand.
I'm tight with the guys from Fight Milk, who are best known for playing the annual DEVO fan gathering, DEVOtional. (You can see me in this photo and this photo from last year's.) By the end of this year I'll have seen them three times there!

You can make your own fancy website like I did here.
Get yourself a grip on HTML to do it here.
Or make your own fancier (i.e. not free to host) website like I did for Transmissions here.

Look at an image of Paris Hilton holding a CD copy of Captain Beefheart's seminal 1969 release Trout Mask Replica here.